Basics of Organic Gardening

The word “organic” is linked with “better quality,” especially for certain foods like onions, eggplants, spinach, cherries, and strawberries, etc. Organic gardening means growing food through a system that avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and hormones. If you’re someone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint while living a healthy lifestyle, going organic is the way forward. It, along with improving the environment, provides you and your family with mental and physical benefits.

In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the key benefits of growing organic food with a few organic fertilizers, so in case you get inspired to grow organic, you know what to use on your soil.

Organic gardening provides nutrient-rich food:

Scientists have proven that organic food contains more nutrients than inorganic food. It is because organic food grows on soil, which is free from chemical and synthetic fertilizers. So, plants boost up their phytochemical production capacity to produce more essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in the absence of such toxic substances.

Organic food tastes better:

If you’re planning to go organic, think twice because there’s no coming back from that; organic food lovers know that it tastes better than vegetables treated with pesticides. It is because of the higher level of antioxidants present in organic produce, which boosts organoleptic qualities like taste, aroma, flavor, texture, etc.

Going organic provide mental and physical benefits:

In addition to the excellent taste and nutrient-enriched food, organic gardening provides mental health benefits. Spending time in the yard, preparing the soil, and working with the plants can be very therapeutic and calming. There’s a whole branch of organic gardening named Horticultural therapy that has made its way into the mental health industry.

Now let’s talk about a few organic fertilizers that you can use to replenish your soil when growing organic.

Jobe’s organic all-purpose fertilizer:

If you want to keep your fertilizer game simple, Jobe’s organic all-purpose fertilizer is your ultimate solution. It’s great to use on all types of crops, such as flowers, shrubs, trees, and veggies. This amazing balanced fertilizer contains beneficial fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms to boost your soil’s health.

Espoma Garden-Tone:

Espoma’s garden tone is a long-lasting organic fertilizer that breaks down in your soil for steady, continuous feeding. Its composition includes Bio-tone microbes that are beneficial to add organic matter to your soil. The great thing about Espoma’s garden-tone is that it’s safe to use around people and pets.

Final Words

By rejecting the use of harmful chemicals and nurturing your soil through techniques found in nature, your garden is certain to thrive. It will produce healthier flowers, vegetables, and grass and with much less maintenance.


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