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Some may ask the question what exactly is a balanced diet? The answer is a diet that’s simply eating healthy everyday as a lifestyle. Eating well not only helps prevent disease, but improves your overall health and wellness. When it comes to health you can’t take a chance on making bad choices. It’s better to be safe than regretting later, the biggest mistake people make concerning sticking to a healthy diet, is not limiting their sugar intake. We have all been guilty of it at some point in our lives. Yes, I’m referring to consuming too much sugar. The best decision you could give yourself is limiting your amount of sugar and sugary foods. However, we know that’s almost impossible, because sugar is in just about everything we eat. Whether we know it or not, limiting sugar is extremely beneficial to your overall health maintenance. However, avoiding sugar at all is best. There are good and bad sugars, let’s take a look at a few.

Good Sugar vs Bad Sugar

Sugar from natural sources like fruits and vegetables are okay to consume, but man made sugars, fructose, and sugars made with glucose are bad sugars, and not healthy for consumption. It’s important to know that the gut is the center of your immune defense. Eating healthy foods and limiting sugar give our body’s the right fuel to fight against harmful viruses and bad bacteria that could potentially turn into disease. A healthy gut microbiome and alkaline PH phosphatase levels (which measures the amount of ALP in the blood) is a guard for your immune function. Alp is an enzyme found in the body’s liver, bones, kidney, and digestive system .

In which works with the lymphatic system as a defense against infections, diseases, viruses, and bacteria. Eating a healthy diet and good exercise is life insurance for a great future of healthy living. It’s important to know that a healthy eating regimen will pay off in the future. This alone will help reduce your risk of various diseases. It really is that simple, eat your greens and stay healthy & clean.

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